Trüfffle is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on telling stories at the intersection of UX, animation and interaction.

Specialty lies in UI motion, 2D-3D animation and soon, AR experiences.

The Studio
Issey is a French multidisciplinary designer and art director from Shanghai, China. She studied Communications and Information Technology at the University of Toronto, where she specialised in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Design Thinking and Embodied Cognition psychology.

In late 2016, she graduated and started working for a number of tech companies, and has spent the last 3 years freelancing in UI motion design, UX research and character animation for a number of brands.

What's a trüfffle anyway?
Just some sweet playful inspiration borrowed from Rose Mattus, who named his American company Häagen-Dazs to make it "Danish-sounding" in the spirit of conveying an "aura of the old-world traditions and craftsmanship." ☺
Studio Focus
Design thinking
UI/UX Design
Motion Design
Lottie Animation
2D Cel Animation
3D Character Modelling
3D Character Animation