Character Design for Mental Health Awareness

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The Challenge
Trüfffle helped launch the mental health organization Jack.org aimed at educating and empowering Canada's youth with the proper knowledge and tools to lean into tough conversations and provide the support we all deserve. For the Be There social media campaign, I had to convey a large amount of information on a difficult topic in a digestible, friendly, empowering manner. I helped storyboard a series of animated educational videos that would equip anyone to be there for those they love struggling with mental health issues in difficult times. The project was paused mid-way for client logistical reasons.
The Approach
I took an empathetic, user-first approach to understanding the concerns of Jack's audience facing mental health issues. Using my learnings, I set out to design a world and set a tone that would invite anyone, from any background, to engage, learn more, and be proactive about taking care of others.



2D Illustration

2D Animation

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