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The Challenge
Lü engages kids to move and learn by gamifying physical education in a new and innovative way. A gym is a big space. With the right equipment, it can serve many purposes besides sports and physical education classes. Lü can turn any gym into a movie theatre, a stage... and in this case, a dance floor.
The Approach
DANZA is a dance rhythm game immersing kids aged 5-12 into a jungle-themed rhythmic world with giant projections, immersive lighting, powerful sound. Move your arms, move your legs, jump, turn, go left, go right... are you hot ? That's what cardio dance is all about! No need to be a pro, just follow the guide and imitate his movements to the sound of music. Developed by Lü Interactive Playground in Quebec City, in collaboration with award-winning Canadian band Valaire.

Character Design

Character Animation

UI Game Design

Immersive UX Design

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