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The Challenge
I've been working as a UI motion designer in tech for the past three years. And one thing I learned is the great demand out there for expressive, fun and well designed animations, to enrich the in-app experience.⁠ And an access gap forming between large tech companies and lean startups. From my tail end, I've seen growing interest and demand for in-app "worlds" and characterful animation systems. After all, what medium tells greater stories in the most expressive ways than animation?
The Approach
Moji was built to help tech founders, designers and developers build richer experiences by bringing animated life and expression to their products. Mojis are designed for anyone who needs animated and interactive icons to bring life, character and expression to their app or website. Mobile apps, Web apps, E-Commerce Website, Watch App, Microwave App, Fridge App, Car App? You name it.


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